St. Paul, MN (KROC-News) - The Obama administration has denied a request from Governor Mark Dayton to grant Minnesota additional time to comply with the standards of the federal REAL ID law.

The Department of Homeland Security has sent a letter to the governor that states his request for an extension has been rejected. The decision means Minnesota driver’s licenses, which do not include the enhanced identification features required by the law, are out of compliance and will not be accepted as a valid form of identification for entering a military base or other federal facilities requiring identification that meets the REAL ID requirements.

The upgraded identification will eventually be needed to board commercial flights, although the deadline for the implementation of that requirement has not been announced. The communication from the Department of Homeland Security indicates a decision is coming soon, but the department will also provide at least 120 days notice before it is enforced.

Minnesota’s non-compliance with the REAL ID law is among the issues the governor would like addressed if he and the legislative leaders can reach an agreement on convening a special session of the Minnesota legislature.

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