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Funny money is making apparently making a comeback in Minnesota, as a food truck was just given a fake $100 bill.

It happened at Eggroll Queen, a Minnesota food truck company, while they were set up and selling food at a festival in St. Paul over the weekend.  As a result, they've announced they're no longer accepting large bills.

Eggroll Queen posted the news about the funny money on their Facebook page, saying:

Going forward, we will no longer accept large bills ($50 & $100) @ our food truck. Yesterday, we and a few food trucks got Fake $100 bills, but it was actually washed $10 bills so the pen works on it. It was very heartbreaking, because everyone was working so hard in that crazy heat, then come home to find fake money. Thank you for your understanding & continued support.

Eggroll Queen also shared photos of the fake hundred-dollar bill on their Facebook page, and, I've gotta say, it looks pretty legit to me. (Check it out below and see if you can tell it's a fake) The post has since garnered over 100 comments in support of the business, with some questioning just WHO would head to a food truck and pay for their food with a $100 bill in the first place. (Also a valid question!)

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Passing funny money is only one way people have been running scams during the pandemic. People have also been scamming the government as it handed out loans during the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), like the fake orange grove purportedly in Mantorville that was uncovered by authorities a few weeks ago. (Yeah, there AREN'T any orange groves in Mantorville, or anywhere in Minnesota.)

You know who doesn't need to scam anybody for money? Celebrities, right? They have a LOT of money. Keep scrolling to check out the net worth of 10 celebrities from right here in Minnesota!

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