The new craze across the country is food trucks. I love eating at them and seeing what people come up with. So I asked our listeners on Facebook, what would your fake food truck name be? Okay, it wasn't that simple, but it was kind of fun. We asked them to take the color of their shirt and the last thing they ate, combine the two, and that's your food truck name. Here are some of the funny names we got:

This was one of my favorites. I'm Italian, so pasta is a must. Imagine the types of pasta's you could have at this food truck.

I thought this was the most real name out of them all. Just imagine the rainbow-colored bagels you could get here.

This is another one that could have been a real food truck. You could add the word cheese in there and you have a legit name.

This one had me laughing out loud! It's a fun name that could be real, but maybe not!

There were a lot of gray, black and green names. Hopefully, these trucks don't have mold! Check out the Quick Country 96.5 Facebook Page for more fun fake food truck names and share yours in the comments!

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