The Downtown Food Truck ordinance finally passed the city council unanimously last night. Truck owners'll have to pony up $1250 per year to set up their deliciousness in certain zones depending on the time of day. Here's how it breaks out...

  • During lunch hours, the trucks will be allowed to set up near Annenberg Plaza.
  • Late nights, they're allowed to set up on 2nd Street Southwest between Broadway and 1st Avenue.
  • It's all day dining at Central Park and by the library (I think I'll be checking out a LOT more books and videos from now on).

I don't know what food trucks to expect. I'm hoping for killer noodles. After that, I don't care. But I got curious about other cities and what they have. How 'bout an ice-cream-cookie sandwich truck? I'd love a gourmet grilled cheese sammich truck.

Ooh!  And a mac and cheese truck!  I know some would say, "James...that could be part of the noodles truck."  No. Just. No. No one that loves me would say that.

This video has some of the absolute worst sounding audio in the history of making videos (seriously, folks...step closer to the camera and get out of the wind). BUT...the food in it is amaze-basket-ballz!  Turn down the sound, and look at the awesomeness these food trucks dish up!



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