When people here Minnesota a few things probably come up. Lakes, Twin Cities, and the Mayo Clinic, among others.

Those are more than likely in the top three, though, especially here in southern Minnesota. Yet, did you know that Minnesota has its own incredible mountain range?

I had no idea that it was even a thing, but the range of mountains is just 30 miles long up in the northern part of Minnesota. According to Only In your State, the range is named for their distinctive jaw-like appearance. Here is what the site had to say:

"Along Minnesota’s North Shore, the Sawtooth Mountains stretch 30 miles from Tofte to Grand Marais. The mountains are named for their distinct sawlike appearance."

The range actually overlooks Lake Superior and can set up for some amazing views across one of the most beautiful parts of the state. Of course, you can hike up and down these mountains and take a look at them for yourself.

"Other prominent peaks include Leveaux Mountain and Oberg Mountain. Both summits can be reached by a 3-mile trail accessible from the same area in Superior National Forest."

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