Friday...what an incredible day. There was so much sunshine...both outside and in the hearts at the Rochester Police Department. All of it because of Louie Schneider. Who is Louie Schneider? After Friday, he's an honorary member of the RPD.

They found out Louie is a big fan of law enforcement, so they planned a surprise for him. It was a beautiful and powerful ceremony and I can't say enough how proud I am of our law enforcement. On their Caring Bridge page, his mom wrote...

It wasn't the gifts or honors; it was the people that blew me away. It was the fact that we are strangers to this community and in that moment they were wrapping us up in their arms and saying we are here for you.

More about Mr. Schneider after the Facebook post.


On his Caring Bridge page, we learn about his first home, filled with challenges and dangers, the "rare chromosomal abnormality that led to him being globally developmentally delayed," and how God spoke to the heart of the couple that would soon adopt Louie.

We also learn from Kristy Schneider about the pure heart and loving soul Louie Schneider shares with us. This happened at the end of the ceremony on Friday at the RPD, and I'm in tears.

"As the event ended today Louie asked to pray for his "police friends." The beautiful thing was that they all immediately bowed their head. But, Louie didn't want to pray with them at a distance. He wanted them near. He waved them close...he grabbed their hands...he told them to close their eyes...and my sweet boy prayed over them.

There in that room I think most caught the spirit that makes Louie special. Here was a boy from Arkansas seeking treatment...seeking life...praying over grown men and women in uniform. In that moment, I had a thought I had never contemplated before...I can't think of the last time Louie has prayed for himself. I truly can't. But I can tell you of the names of 3 strangers he prayed for at various points today."

Please, spend time with this family on their Caring Bridge page. Even if we never meet Louie in person, we all need him in our hearts. Plus our man nails the dab!


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