When you think of Minnesota, does the word "hippie" come to mind?  It doesn't for me but apparently, the hippiest town in Minnesota is just 45 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota.  Yeah, Lanesboro, Minnesota is the place that hippies love.

Congrats, Lanesboro, Minnesota on being the hippiest little town in our state!

What makes a town the hippiest?  According to Onlyinyourstate.com, Lanesboro, Minnesota is the hippiest town in our state.  I've never seen anyone walking around in bell-bottoms but evidently, that isn't what defines a "hippie" in 2021.

Only about 800 people live in the Southeast Minnesota town of Lanesboro but the area is absolutely gorgeous.  The reason why it is paired with the word "hippie" is because it is full of lots of fun.  Here's just a sample of what the town offers:

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TUBING:  Lanesboro, Minnesota has one of the top 5 places to go tubing in our area.  Learn a bit more and see the full list here.


ICE CREAM: Enjoy a yummy ice cream treat at Loubelle's and have a chance at a free t-shirt.  See what those free clothes are all about here.

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RENT BIKES AND HIT THE TRAILS! Bring a bike or rent one in Lanesboro and enjoy the amazing bike and walking trails that go right through town.  The trail is fairly flat around Lanesboro which makes the ride extremely enjoyable for all fitness levels.

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PIE JUST A BIKE RIDE AWAY: If you hop on a bike or are a bit extreme and want to go on a pretty long walk, make your way to Whalan, which is just down the road.  This town has one of the best pie shops in all of Southeast Minnesota.  Learn a bit more and see their hours here.

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BED & BREAKFAST CAPITAL OF MINNESOTA: If you are looking for a little getaway, Lanesboro has so many different bed and breakfast establishments to pick from.


HISTORY: Art museums, theater, and more all make Lanesboro an area that history lovers enjoy.  Learn a bit more here.

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I don't think you'll see many people walking around in bell-bottoms in Lanesboro but if you take a road trip to check out the town, you'll have tons of fun things to do!

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