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Dear Minnesota - Get ready to cry.

I've seen E.T., the Extra Terrestrial, plenty. And every time I tear up. Parents tell me they still cry, and their kids cry, even if the parents were born decades after the movie came out. Why? It's a great family movie...but also, it has a lot to do the kid that played Elliot, Henry Thomas. What an actor!

If you haven't seen E.T., it came out in 1982, it's directed by Steven Spielberg, and broke every box office record...and held those records for a long time. It's about Elliot befriending an extraterrestrial who's stranded on earth when he misses his ship, and then hiding ET when the government comes to take him.


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Bring on the waterworks! it's one of those movies you can't hear about without smiling.A lot of people talk about how cute Drew Barrymore is in the movie (penis breath!), but watch this clip...and if you don't cry, you may need to drink some water, you are dehydrated!

How did the then 9-year-old pull off such an amazing audition? According to IMDB

At the auditions, Henry Thomas thought about the day his dog died to express sadness. Director Steven Spielberg cried, and offered him the role of Elliott on the spot.

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I know it's not the kind of thing I usually share, but holy moly, that's an amazing clip.

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