We have all probably done it without thinking or thought it was harmless to toss some trash into our neighbor's trash because it was a closer option at the time. Sometimes we do things without thinking and with absolutely no malicious intent. Tossing some trash into a garbage that isn't yours is probably one of those things.

Did you know that you can't just toss your trash anywhere, other trash cans included? As it turns out, you cannot just toss your trash into someone's garbage can other than your own. This is better known as 'illegal dumping' and the City of Minneapolis has rules against it, stating that you cannot put household or commercial garbage, litter or the like just anywhere.

In fact, you should really only toss it in your own trash. According to their website, you cannot put your garbage on private property without the owner's permission. You also cannot toss your garbage into a dumpster, container or garbage bin. Last but not least, you cannot put your trash into public trash bins.

Here's What Minnesota Law Says About This

It turns out that illegal dumping is well, illegal, in the entire state. Section 609.671 states that solid waste disposal is a gross misdemeanor if any of the following is true:

(1) knowingly disposes of solid waste at, transports solid waste to, or arranges for disposal of solid waste at a location that does not have a required permit for the disposal of solid waste;

It is also a gross misdemeanor if someone does this in exchange for money or something of that nature.

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Is There A Fee For Tossing Trash In Someone's Trash Other Than Your Own?

Yup, so get ready to pay up if this applies to you! The fine for this can be up to $15,000 and could cost you a year in jail. Be careful next time you want to toss a tissue or snack wrapper in your neighbor's trash can. Here's one thing that is just definitely not worth the fine or the jail time.

Speaking of getting rid of trash, you also cannot get rid of it by throwing it into a bonfire. In Minnesota, this is illegal and can get you a very hefty fine. It looks like we just have to get rid of our trash the old-fashioned way!

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