A lot of us love to fish, including me. Growing up I spent many summers on my grandfather's farm in Nebraska and our favorite thing to do was fish. We never got into archery fishing, but I really wanted to. When I saw this story, I knew I had to share it!

Jason Fugate was archery fishing around Brainerd Lake the other day and caught something many haven't seen. According to ABC 6 News, he caught a Big Mouth Buffalo Fish. These are super rare to come across, let alone catch. If you check out his picture above, it looks like a giant goldfish. Can you imagine the size of bowl you would have to have to fit that fish?? If you have kids, they could almost swim with their goldfish. Teachers wouldn't believe those stories!

Fugate didn't catch this beauty with a rod and some bait, he actually used a bow and arrow, which is an art if you ask me. I'm decent at archery, but when you have a fish swimming as fast as they do, that's a tough shot to make! The article said that he was wearing a camera while he was fishing and the footage was hard to tell what type of fish he was shooting at. Apparently, it appeared as a white flash. It took Fugate three shots to bring in this fish that was around 33 pounds and 38 inches long. Image this... that fish was the size of a young child! It's hard to wrap your mind around that sometimes.

So what has people buzzing?? The color of the fish! The bright orange color of the fish is apparently rare for a Big Mouth Buffalo. In the land of 10,000 lakes, one could only imagine the different types of fish that are floating around our state?? This makes me even more excited to go fish the amazing land that's in our backyard.

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