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A college student from Stillwater, Minnesota, recently made a bundle on GameStop stock, and turned around and made a $2,000 donation to help children right here in Minnesota. But not in cash...he went out and bought them something better than gold.

His name is Hunter Kahn. He's a student at Cornell University, and made almost $30,000 when he sold the stock he bought in  GameStop, the business that's been in the news for its stock increasing in value over 1,500% in a month.


CNN talked to Kahn and he said he bought the stock to prove something to the hedge fund managers. But then his earnings grew enormously, and he said it stopped being about the money, and started being about giving.

On Instagram he wrote,

"As a beneficiary of the recent events on Wall Street I think it is important that myself and others pay forward our good fortune. These events have highlighted a lot of corruption and with this transfer of power it is important that we don’t become men in suits ourselves.
I am proud to announce my humble donation of 6 Nintendo Switches and games to go with them to the Children’s Minnesota Hospital. Cant Stop. Won’t Stop. #GameStop #HTL #eattherich @childrensmn

CNN says the donation ended up being "six Nintendo Switch Lites, multiple games and e-shop gift cards, and screen protectors and cases." And the kids are already using the donations! Also that he'll use the leftover cash to pay off his college debt!

Children's Minnesota said, "Thank you to Hunter Kahn (@hkahn3) for donating six Nintendo Switches as well as a heap of games to Children's Minnesota - we are so grateful!💙"

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