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A Minnesota man was just trying to take a bath, when all of a sudden, he was arrested by police. Wait, what?

Well, as with most things these days, there's MORE to the story. A lot more. And it's all very strange. Because this Minnesota man didn't get arrested for just taking a bath. It's WHERE he was trying to take a bath that got him in trouble.

That's because he was trying to take a bath... in a complete stranger's house after he broke in! (I told you this story was strange.) Yes, this Minnesota man apparently broke into a home up in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin and then tried to take a bath.

According to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, police in Chippewa Falls were called by a family who found a stranger locked in their bathroom, apparently getting ready to take a bath. When police showed up, sure enough, they found 29-year-old Kyle Kazle in his t-shirt and underwear, getting ready to jump in the bath.

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When they interviewed Mr. Kazle, he told police he lived with his girlfriend in Rochester and insisted THAT was where he was-- when he was actually about 130 northeast in beautiful Chippewa County, Wisconsin. Even when police told him he was in Chippewa Falls, he insisted he was in his apartment in Rochester.  And, even stranger, the family whose bathroom in which he was getting to bathe had no idea who he was-- or how he even got inside, the LT story noted.

Not surprisingly, police noted there was 'a strong odor of intoxicants emanating from Kazle,' the LT said. Kazle made an appearance in Chippewa County Circuit Court Monday, where he was charged with burglary to a dwelling and criminal trespass and posted a $1,000 cash bond, the story noted.

Just HOW much does one have to drink to end up in a completely different city two hours away from your own apartment and not even realize where you are, not to mention breaking into a random house? Yikes!

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