We've heard the stories before of person A going to a garage sale and finds something unique, or just something that catches their eye. A few years go by and person A brings the item to PBS' "Antique Roadshow" to see how much their find is worth. Sometimes the item which was thought to be valuable is worthless, and other times it is worth thousands of dollars. That's what happened to a Detroit Lakes man who recently bought a $40 chair only to find out it's worth $25,000!

According to the Pioneer Press, David Hiney learned on a Saturday filming of the show that he’s been literally sitting on a small fortune. An old chair he bought for $40 at a rummage sale in town back in 1982, was valued at $25,000 by an expert on the "Antique Roadshow" episode being taped in West Fargo, ND. The chair, by the way, had been gathering dust in his basement the last 37 years.

The chair which is an Arne Vodder made the chair and apparently is now only seen generally in museums. The episode is set to air in the 2020 season on PBS.

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