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It's almost the law in Minnesota that you fire up the grill as much as you can during the summer, but you'll spend more to do it here than in other states.

This isn't the news you want to read in the middle of a summer where a lot of us are sticking around home, is it? But according to a new survey, Minnesota is one of the top ten states when it comes to the cost of firing up the grill and hosting a backyard barbeque.

Thanks to the gang over at SimpleThiftyLiving, we now know that there are 41 one other states where throwing a big 'ol cookout in the backyard is less expensive than it is here in Minnesota. That's right, Minnesota is the 9th most expensive state when it comes to grilling out.

Their survey looked at the costs involved when hosting a backyard cookout for 10 people (socially-distanced, of course), serving cheeseburgers, hot dogs, all the proper fixins' and side dishes, some lovely adult beverages, and even the plasticware you'll need too. They then averaged the prices for those items (you can see which specific items they priced HERE) at 10 different Walmarts in each state to come up with the results.

And, yeah, those prices are a little spendy here in the Bold North. In fact, according to their survey, it'll run you $109.41 here in Minnesota to host that hypothetical cookout. Only Montana, North Dakota, Vermont, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wyoming and Hawaii had higher costs than Minnesota. The most expensive state was, not surprisingly, Alaska, where the cost for that cookout is a whopping $137.74.

While hosting a barbeque in my home state of Wisconsin was slightly cheaper than Minnesota (at only $106.38), it's still way more than the cheapest state in their survey-- South Carolina, with a cost of only $99.03. Illinois, Utah, Michigan and Virginia rounded out the top five cheapest states for hosting a barbeque in your backyard this summer.

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