Recently, someone asked all the Democratic Presidential candidates, "What's your favorite comfort food." Our Senator Amy Klobuchar's answer might surprise you (and since it is politics, a lot of people made fun of her).'s how I break 'em down.

  • Warren: Chips and guacamole  Def comfort food. 
  • Harris: Fries Def Comfort food
  • Gabbard: Vegan cupcakes Not even close (but I'm not vegan, so...)
  • Buttigieg: Beef jerky Naw.
  • Gillibrand: Whiskey Hell yes. 
  • Castro: Iced tea Naw.
  • Booker: Veggies Some are, some aren't. 
  • Klobuchar: Baked Potato BINGO!
  • Williamson: “I have no comfort food” Saddest thing I've read in a long time. 

According to the poll I did on the Y-105FM Facebook page, 88% of y'all said yes, potatoes are comfort food. I also asked HOW you like them as comfort food, most everyone said: "mashed with garlic and butter."  Plenty said fries, mashed, au gratin, or baked. Only a few said baked alone.

I did a search of America's Favorite Comfort Foods and potatoes didn't even register. Mac and Cheese and Pizza are generally the most comforty (source). This makes Minnesota unique in loving on the potato!

Once again, Minnesota rises to the top.

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