I cannot imagine being a furloughed worker right now. No paychecks, not knowing how you'll pay for your mortgage, bills, food. And as of now, it appears the end of the government shutdown is now where in sight.

Bring Me the News writes that "in Minnesota, more than 1,000 federal workers have signed on for unemployment benefits" and "over 3,000 state workers paid from federal grants are having their salaries paid by state funds."

There have been many businesses that have stepped in to help their community how they can. The Science Museum of Minnesota is offering free admission to furloughed workers, and there's now a Minnesota restaurant offering free meals to these federal workers affected by the government shutdown.

The restaurant is called Afro Deli and they have locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Between 11 AM and 3 PM every day a federal employee can come in and show their federal government ID and they'll get a free meal.

Their executive chef, Moussa Douleh, says they're just trying to do their part in supporting the community. "'We’re not political ... It’s about family and our village.'"


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