One Minnesota school district is hoping technology can help fight the flu. Fifteen elementary schools in the Bloomington area are giving students and families the tools to track the flu in real time with smart thermometers.

According to KARE 11, "using Bluetooth technology, a child's fever can be recorded on your phone, through an app, and based on what symptoms parents report, parents and teachers can track illnesses."

The goal, to spot the flu before it spreads, track trends and keep the parents informed. The thermometer and app are all anonymous, confidential and protected from sharing student health data.

Right now, the "FLUency" program is in a one-year pilot program. I have a message out to the Rochester school district to find out if (hopefully when) this area will see the smart thermometers.

How do you feel about the smart thermometers? Do you think it could help keep the flu from spreading in schools?

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