My uncle used to say he knew a girl was the one if he took her to a place for ribs and she didn't use a fork. Apparently, the secret isn't actually how you eat food, it's what you eat! The next time you're planning a date, think spicy food. According to a Minnesota study, when women eat spicy food it makes men more attractive!

A spicy flavor was found to increase romantic interest as well as physical attractiveness ratings.

- St Cloud State University Researchers

Wait, what? The study was done by giving women sweet, spicy and bland snacks before asking them to rate pictures of men. Ok, hold on. Why am I NEVER involved in these studies? I like snacks! I like men! Anyway, moving on.... The study shows support that taste can influence cognitive perceptions regarding potential relationships. Spicy flavors trigger higher levels of physical ­attraction and romantic interest.

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