Minnesota is in the top ten for LEAST overweight states. Yes, it's true. Surprising, but true.

Who Says Minnesota Is One of the Top Ten Least Overweight States?


What...you want to argue about it? Let's take the win and go grab some tots.

Just kidding, the information comes from WalletHub. A while back they did a study about the "fattest cities in the USA" and Minneapolis/St. Paul (yes, we know it's not one city, but they don't) was #98 out of 100 for the fattest cities, not bad at all. Now they're saying when it comes to Most Overweight & Obese States in the U.S., Minnesota ranks #46!

That's pretty impressive. With all the hot dishes, fried foods, and lefse, you'd think we'd be a little more on the sugar-coated side, but nope. Wallethub's report has Minnesota at #49 for percent of overweight children and for adults with high cholesterol. Two big wins there, too. Booya!

When it comes to health consequences, we're #42, so a little worse there, but still better than 1/2 the country, so Go Minnesota!

Source: WalletHub

FYI: Not being the most obese state in the nation doesn't mean we're out of danger. The CDC says the risk of severe illness doesn't go up just for obese people, but overweight people as well.

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