St. Paul, MN (Learfield Wire Services/TTWN Media Networks) -- The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says preliminary data shows that the state recorded its the third-fewest road deaths since 1924.

Agency officials say the 348 fatalities reported in 2017 represented the lowest total since 1943 when there were 274, and 1926, when 326 people were killed. The state has kept an official tally since 1910.

Of the 348 fatalities, 235 were in vehicles. 52 were motorcyclists, as opposed to 53 reported in 2016. 38 were pedestrians, compared to 60 in 2016. Six bicyclists were killed in 2017.

The highest number of fatalities in 2017 by month came in June when 41 people were killed. The lowest was November when 18 died.

The public safety department says 98 were alcohol-related deaths, 16 were due to distracted driving, 82 were speed-related and 80 people died because they were not wearing seatbelts.


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