Those first few moments when a new baby is brought into the is just priceless.  Photographers in Rochester had a special moment with a brand new baby in Minnesota, and one that has a dad that many of us know - Adam Thielen, wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings.

The Thielen family welcomed a brand new baby boy just a few days ago.  The family of four posed, sat, and created some of the cutest photos ever, and they were all captured by Midwest LifeShots Photography, photographers in Rochester, MN.

We spent our Monday with the sweetest family!  The Thielen family welcomed baby boy number 2 just days ago and we were thrilled to be able to get a little sneak peek into their lives as a family of 4 ❤️For a look behind the scenes from the shoot, check out our story! - Midwest LifeShots Photography Facebook page

I watched all of the videos and pictures on their story!  So cute and adorable...and moments that have been captured that will last a lifetime.

Check out their Facebook page with all the photos at this link or see them below!

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