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If you've been following the case of the Colorado marmot who unknowingly stowed away on a trip back to Minnesota, we have some sad news for you.

Everyone always likes to see a happy ending, but that's not always possible. Especially when you're a wildlife rehabilitation center here in Minnesota (that'd be the Minnesota Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville or WRC, btw) and you're trying to help a displaced rodent who mistakenly hitched a ride here to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

If you're not familiar with the story, the WRC posted pictures Friday along with the story of how they were trying to rescue a wayward marmot (which is a type of rodent, the largest member of the squirrel family, similar to a woodchuck-- but isn't found here in Minnesota) after it had climbed into the wheel well of a family's car while they were vacationing out in Colorado and clung there during the entire over 1,200-mile journey back here to Minnesota.

The WRC believed the poor marmot sought shelter in the wheel well after being involved in a 'tangle' with another animal when the car was parked at a trailhead near Silverton, in western Colorado. She then made the unlikely 5-day journey back to Roseville, Minnesota, all while clinging to the car in the wheel well.

So here's the sad update: the marmot didn't make it. According to a post on the WRC Facebook page Monday, the poor girl succumbed to injuries sustained on that grueling 1,200-mile trip back to Minnesota.

She did not survive the damages from emaciation. Chronic emaciation is one of the biggest challenges wildlife rehabilitators face and while we've made great strides in it, oftentimes it's just impossible to reverse what the loss of critical proteins does to the circulatory system and in consequence, organs. She was free from pain while in treatment and secure and comfortable. We're thankful for everyone who worked to bring her in for care. Our first-ever marmot always will have a special place in our hearts.

I can only imagine how damaging that trip must have been. Heck, we drove out to Colorado and back earlier this summer, and I know firsthand that the long drive can take its toll on you-- even when you're IN the vehicle.

So, while this wild animal didn't make it here in Minnesota, there ARE many wild animals who do call the North Star State home. Keep scrolling to check out some incredible pictures of wildlife from not just here in Minnesota, but around the world as well!

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