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Talk about your stuck buck! Police officers in northern Minnesota helped free a deer that was tangled up in a hammock recently.

The motto of most police departments in Minnesota is to 'protect and serve,' and while that often requires officers to put themselves in harm's way, I'm guessing officers in Grand Rapids (northwest of Duluth, a little under four and a half hours away from Rochester) never guessed helping to untangle a buck from a backyard hammock might be a task they'd have to tackle.

Yet that's exactly what they did last week. According to a post on the Grand Rapids Police Department Facebook page, two officers responded to a call of a male deer (with a somewhat sizeable rack) that was all tangled in a backyard hammock. (Insert your favorite "Oh deer!" comment here...)

As their squad car dash recorded the video (which you can watch below), you can see how our two intrepid officers went about the business of approaching the stuck buck to help free him-- without getting hurt themselves.

You can see the deer-- obviously frightened-- kick and squirm around as the officers try to put a blanket on him to try to calm him down. Finally, (<<<spoiler alert>>>) they're able to get him all untangled, and after nearly running into the hammock again, he runs off into the woods.

Well done, officers! I'm sure that buck is glad he's no longer stuck! Check out the video below.

And while untangling that buck was a dangerous task-- that rack on his head could have done some serious damage had they been hit-- I'm guessing Grand Rapids itself isn't known for being dangerous. But do you know which cities in Minnesota ARE? Keep scrolling to check out the most dangerous towns in the North Star State!

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