I can't believe how different Minnesotans are from the other 49 states. On the one hand, we have the befores...and on the other, you have the afters. And then there's Minnesota. The MN. The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Right. In. The. Middle. A recent survey on the Y-105FM Facebook Page showed that here we do it differently. The question was simple...and I expected a fierce battle between the befores and the afters. What I got was anything but!


More than 80% of the people responding said they wet the toothbrush before they put the toothpaste on AND after they put the toothpaste on. In other words, they do BOTH! I'm honestly surprised. or was until I noticed I did the same thing!

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As long as I have you here, talking about our teeth, do we really need mouth-wash for bad breath? Nah. It really just covers up bad breath. BUT, many studies have shown mouth-wash does aid with a decrease in plaque and other nasty mouth stuff.

On the other hand, in this article, a doctor warns you need to give your mouth some space before you mouth-wash it.

”Sometimes there can be an interaction between the chemicals in the toothpaste and chemicals in the mouthwash and this means they cancel out the benefits of each other,” says Dr. Phil Stemmer, from the Fresh Breath Center of London. He recommends leaving 30 minutes in between brushing and using mouthwash.

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