This is legit. There's a company willing to pay you $30,000 to quit your job (or take a break from it) and follow your dreams!

If you feel stuck, tired of the day to day sameness, and know what you REALLY want to be doing (I mean REALLY REALLY know what you want to have a dream, you've planned it out, you've talked to yourself out loud about it in the car on the way home, planned it out), this is for you.

STōK Cold Brew coffee will be giving three people $30,000 to follow their dreams. Here's what they want from you (from their website)...

If you have an awesome dream you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t taken that leap yet, send an email to any time from now until Labor Day (Monday, September 2), with a maximum 300-word summary of what you do now for a living and what you wish you were doing if you had $30,000 to do it.

Of course, they're going to want you to use social media to talk about your plan, how it's going, and that sort of stuff. Videos, photos, words, the whole thing. Also, you'll have to take your (I"m so sorry to say this...)  STōK-bbatical ((shiver))  between October 1st and December 15th.

Kawaikui Sunset

Again, enter at or find more info hereIf you win, you'll get "up to $20,000 in paid travel expenses — flights, lodging, and your STōK-bbatical experience (and) a $10,000 stipend."

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