You're driving around, you're feeling fine, then suddenly! OOP!  Gotta find a place...gotta find a place...gotta finda...((yikes)) gootafindaaaAHHHH! There's one." You pull into a gas station, a hotel, a rest area, and you make your "long distance call."  You get back on the road and you're feeling better, lighter, stronger.

So, where do Minnesotans stop more than anywhere else? Kwik Trip. According to this map, and Gas Buddy's bajillions of reviews, the most popular convenience store restrooms in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Only those with at least 20 locations in a state were, for instance, Rochester's Throndson Oil, which pumps your gas for you, wouldn't have been counted.

CREDIT: Gas Buddy. Click for link.
CREDIT: Gas Buddy. Click for link.

What about NON-convenience store restrooms? It's hard to beat a hotel for a quick rest-stop (local or long distance). As long as its a slightly posh hotel, with a real lobby and conference rooms, you'll be good. Just walk in like you know what's up.

Mayo Clinic...the parking isn't convenient, but even the restrooms with fixtures from 19-Dickity Two are stellar (except the one just inside Methodist/Eisenberg's Dialysis entrance. The room is SUPER tiny, it's labeled accessible, but I've yet to see anyone get wheels thru the door).

Someday I'll write about the best Rochester Restaurant Restrooms...I def. have opinions there.

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