I'll start with this, we are too late to snag tickets to the Minnesota Brewers Cup and awards ceremony happening on Friday night. The MBC is where local craft breweries "showcase their innovation and mastery of craft." Yeah buddy. The event features some pretty nice perks as well for winners and non-winners alike. 

If you were unlike me and timely with knowing about what sounds like the Stanley Cup playoffs of Minnesota brewing, you probably snagged some tickets and will be looking forward to what sounds like a pretty awesome evening.

My favorite line on the webpage is as follows for those in attendance at the MBC Friday night: The "Awards Ceremony will feature free beer all night, and a specialty hops-infused cocktail by Specialty Cocktail Sponsor Hopsteiner". You read that right, FREE BEER.

After I got over my initial shock of FREE BEER, it sounds like a pretty good time for those that craft their own beers. 24 different categories of beer will have the best of the best crowned, the most innovated brewery will be awarded, and in a salute to what I can only assume are man caves everywhere the "best beer art" will also be chosen.

Even more epic about this evening for Minnesotan breweries is that the top 10 scoring breweries will be chosen to participate in the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild GABF space in Denver, Colorado. Not familiar with GABF? It's the Great American Beer Fest where there are over 4,000 beers, and some compete to find out who becomes the top beer from each respected category, Minnesota had 12 breweries and beers place last year.  

So good luck to the SE Minnesota breweries who submitted their craft Friday night!

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