If there's a wine-lover (okay, maybe it's you!) on your Christmas list, this mega glass might be the perfect gift-- and you can get it right here in Rochester.


I'd seen some rumblings earlier this fall about a huge wine glass being for sale at Costco. Which figures, because EVERYTHING is bigger at Costco. Why by just a regular package of coffee when you can get a mega-size CASE of coffee, right?!?

And, sure enough, while stocking up at the Rochester Costco recently, I spotted it: The biggest wine glass in Minnesota. Maybe ever. Seriously. I mean, this actual wine glass stood 46.4-inches tall. 46 inches?!? That's almost 4 FEET TALL!

It gives an entirely new meaning to having just "one glass" of wine!

Here's the thing, though-- it's not actually meant for wine. Well, you COULD fill it with your favorite merlot, but I'm thinking it'd be a little heavy to lift. And, it says right there on the box that it's a decoration-- the box shows a plant in it on one side and a collection of wine bottle corks on the other.

It was listed for sale at $79.99, but it's not available on the Costco website. Heck, it might already be gone from the shelves at our Rochester location (I snapped that pic a few weeks ago). But if you have a wine-lover on your list this year, you might want to check it out!

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