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We've seen lists of best pizzas, fanciest pizzas, and worst pizzas...so why not cheapest pizzas? Exactly!  Well, here it is. Where to find Minnesota's cheapest pizza.

NOT in Minnesota.

We only have this information because of Expensivity.com who...

munched the numbers, mapping the average price of cheese/plain and pepperoni pizza across the pizzerias of every American state. We also found out the average price by city and the density of pizzerias per person around the US.

Munched the numbers...that's good!


I don't know how they munched the numbers...with milk or little pebbles, but the cheapest pizza in Minnesota is in.......North Dakota! That works because North Dakota has the cheapest pizza in the USA and from Moorhead, a lot of people hop across the border, get their pizza, and hop back.

I know you can get a $5 cheese pizza at 5 Dollar Pizza right here in Rochester, so I had to read a little, and it turns out, they looked at the state's average cost of a slice o'cheese pizza.

What About Priciest Pizza?


From Expensivity.com...

Oklahoma is home to America’s priciest pepperoni: the average price is $15.56. Meanwhile, the average Alaskan pepperoni is only America’s seventh most expensive – a bargain, considering Alaska’s top-dollar Margherita. That stretch of pepperoni-colored states through the Midwest is a sore spot for pepperoni lovers because Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska are all among the top ten priciest.

Fun Pizza Price Facts

I have to admit, these might not be the most fun facts you'll ever read, but dang, North Dakota!

  • The cheapest cheese pizza is in North Dakota, where the average price is $6.64.
  • Alaska has the most expensive cheese pizza in the US on average, at $9.21.
  • Rhode Island is the state with the highest density of pizzerias: 37 for every 100,000 residents.
  • Detroit, MI, is the city with the lowest density of pizzerias in the US (just 0.9 per 100k people)

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know: james.rabe@townsquaremedia.com

Go On A Minnesota Cheap Pizza Quest!

That could be your fall thing...drive all over trying to find the best cheap pizza. You can set up all the guidelines as to what is considered "best" and "cheap"...but it MUST start at an area farm that grows pizzas!

Stay the Night at a Pizza Farm Just 60 Miles from Rochester

There's an adorable, 16-acre farm in Cochrane, WI, called Suncrest Gardens. It's a pizza farm complete with an Airbnb that you can spend the night in.

Super Hero Pizza Is A Thing

If you want to stay in Minnesota, and make your kids smile for years, you'll love this!

Check out this Minnesota pizza spot that loves superheroes so much, they dress up like them!

Is Galactic Pizza the coolest pizza place in Minnesota? If you love superheroes, the answer is "yes"! Plug in 2917 Lyndale Ave S., Minneapolis into your Google Maps, and get ready for amazing pizza, desserts, and a superhero experience you will never forget. If you can't drive there now, at least learn a bit on their website how this pizza joint is doing more than just making pizza...they are helping save the world!

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