Halloween is nearly upon us. That means somebody was surely going to come out with a study on the favorite Halloween candy in each state, right? Well, lucky for us, somebody did...

Product review website Influenster surveyed more than 40,000 of its loyal followers to tell them what their favorite Halloween candy was. Then they broke down those answers by state to come up with their comprehensive state-by-state list of favorite Halloween candy.

First of all, can I just say how amazing I find it that FIVE states had candy corn as their favorite Halloween candy! My wife loves candy corn. I'd be happy if it had never been invented. How do you feel about candy corn?

Anyway, according to this study Minnesota's favorite Halloween candy is... the 100 Grand Bar. That's also Hawaii's favorite, so now if anyone ever asks you to tell them one thing that Minnesota and Hawaii have in common, you've got an answer!

What do you think? Where does the 100 Grand Bar rank on your list of favorite Halloween candy? What's your favorite? Tell us right here, and we'll do our own survey!