An unassuming farmstead just south of Rochester may very well have the most patriotic barn in Minnesota. The farm is tucked in right along Highway 52, between Chatfield and Fountain. The patriotic part of one of its outbuildings can only be seen by traffic traveling northbound on the road. However, those driving past it can't help but notice it!

The bluish-gray low-profile barn, which could also be a large garage or shed, has a giant painted American flag covering about two-thirds of its back, exterior wall. The other third of the wall lists the names of 15 people who have served, or are currently serving, in the United States Armed Forces, dating all the way back to World War II!

Many of the last names are the same, so one can only assume the list is of family members, relatives and, possibly, close friends of the farm's owners. In any case, what a great memorial to those close to them who have served our country, and what a great symbol of patriotism to have the American flag painted so prominently on the back of the barn.

If there's a more patriotic private display memorializing those who have served our country in the state, I've never seen it!