If your idea of a good time is smashing things and driving huge machinery, this is the place for you! I totally want to check this out. Have you?

This popped up on my Facebook news feed today, and I immediately started planning a trip to Hastings. This is the only adult playground in the Midwest. You will get to drive the excavators, smash cars, play basketball, dig holes and so much more. This is Extreme Sandbox:

They do allow kids over the age of 14 to drive, but also encourage younger children to come watch and learn.

The "playground" has been open for a few years. The owner, Randy Stenger, says he came up with the idea when he was out driving with his kiddos past a construction site. The kids said, "Dad, wouldn't it be fun to go play on that equipment?!"

His response? "Heck, yes, it would!" And the rest is history.

If you want to go it's going to cost you, but it does look like a blast. To register and see the various packages they offer, click here. 

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