First, thank you so much for listening! Second, is there cake?

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My wife's birthday. Our Anniversary. Mother's Day. Valentine's Day. Our kid's birthdays. The date that each one of them came home to us. The day we went to court for each one of them. The first time we met.

I'm sure your life is made up of the same kind of milestones, too. Anniversaries, births, promotions. Even some of the more unhappy milestones, too, right? Like when we lose someone in the family.

I don't remember the date of my first air shift. I do remember getting lost. Not because I'm directionally challenged - I am. I got lost finding the studio, it was in the middle of a corn field. There was a road, and then the driveway. I was going to be doing the midnight to six am shift. I drove around town and then downtown. I think I finally found the right road by accident. I do remember that sometime the next Fall and Winter the studios moved; from one temporary studio to another before we moved into a new building. I don't remember when I moved from doing overnights to being the Morning Show Producer and Stunt Man. I do remember that I spent four fun years getting lost finding my way around town.

In June 1999, Cathy and I moved south, from Illinois to Georgia for a new radio job. We were there for four years before we came back home to the Midwest.

We moved to Rochester in March of 2003. This is where we decided to start and raise our family.

Thanks so much for letting me share our adventure with you!

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