Buzzfeed did a thing where they figured out every state's signature snack food...and they really biffed it with Minnesota. Like...not only did BF not get it right, they didn't even go with a snack food.

Buzzfeed said our signature, most popular, whatever snack food is...tater tots. Tater tots are awesome sauce...but a snack food? Takes too much time to prep, not a snack food. That's like saying, "French fries are a great snack food." Not a snack food. Too much work to get them.

Let's dig into this a little. Colorado's signature snack food is jerky. I don't know if that's accurate, but it certainly is a snack food.  You can walk down the street and eat jerky without impeding your action. There's no prep involved. You can buy it and consume it quickly.

They messed up Iowa, too. Iowa's best/signature/etc snack-food is walking tacos. NOT A SNACK!  In fact, that's a meal. An entire meal.


Buzzfeed...pick it up a notch.

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