You don't see this every day, that's for sure. That is unless you live on a farm. A giant pig got loose in Wisconsin. Someone took a photo of the pig and shared it on a missing pets page. Seriously, you got to see this pig. It looks like a bear!

The "Giant Pig" sighting occurred on Monday afternoon around 2 pm. It was in Northwestern Wisconsin near Poplar, Wisconsin.

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google maps

The post on the Missing Pets In The Northland page said that the pig was sighted near Becks Road and Highway 13. There are a lot of farms in that area, which is just south of Lake Superior.

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This huge pig turned some heads on Facebook as well. It was shared close to 100 times and there were plenty of colorful comments.

Some people thought it may be a wild, feral hog. But that wasn't the case. Others made jokes that it was heading into town like the character Babe. Fortunately, the pig's owner found him in his bed the next morning, safe and sound.

This pig just wanted to go for a walk around the countryside. I get it, it's been a long winter and we are all stir-crazy. I also can relate to this pig by wanting to get some exercise to shed some of that winter weight!

Finally, I have to wonder. Is this pig a pet, or is it a farm animal? Like could this pig be pork chops someday and that's why it got loose?

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