People are always putting together lists of the best restaurants in the area, and there are a lot of 'em, but I've never seen this one make any list...and it really should! 

If you peruse the internet machine, the reviews for Rochester's Most Underrated Restaurant are glowing. Great food, fair prices, friendly as all heck, etc. Its best described with this review headline, Diner Meets American Legion. Yep!

What is RMUR? Grandma's Kitchen, on North Broadway, right behind Burger King.

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Sure it's in a mall, sure it's right next to a hardware store, and you know what. The food is great. "Home style cookin'" is what everyone says. And really, it is. Nothing fancy-pantsy, just really good unpretentious, food.

For breakfast, I like a simple eggs over medium, hash browns, and toast. With coffee it's maybe $6. Most folks love the omelets and the biscuits and gravy and they're really good, I just go for the lighter breakfasts.

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For lunch? I always think I'll get a hot beef sammich (you know, open face with mashed taters and a bunch of gravy), but usually I end up getting...ready for this?.,,an egg salad sandwich.

Egg salad sammich, on white bread, not toasted. I love it. Absolutely love it. Their egg salad is really really creamy and eggy, a touch of mustard...yum!

See that baby? That baby was photographed while thinking about how good life will be when that adorable squish get to finally eat the GK Egg Salad Sammich!  Oh, and sometimes I add a cup of soup. Such good soup.

Dinner? Usually their club sandwich. With fries. Chicken gravy for the fries. Mmmmmm. And when they have it...their tater tot hot dish is reallllllllly good.

It's diner food...and so country fried steaks, cheeseburgers, name it, they do it.

The food isn't the only think I really like about Grandma's Kitchen. There's something else about the place that I just enjoy. Saying the atmosphere is too simple. Then I found this posted on the GK Facebook page and it nails it.

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