Doesn't that sound divine? Seriously there is a position open for chocolate research that could be pretty sweet but (and there is a but) there are a few stipulations.

One of those stipulations is that it isn't just loving and eating chocolate. Darn, right? A few more stipulations: you have to be a European National, AND you must have expertise in physics, chemistry, materials science or engineering.

Serhiy Zavalnyuk / TSM

Bum deal, because I guess I don't qualify for this position, I am however an avid chocolate connoisseur.  The awesomeness about them searching and advertising for this position they want to fill, is that they plan on having this position awarded to someone who can work on and study how to make chocolate in a way that doesn't melt in warm climates.

It would honestly be the coolest thing ever to not have to worry about melted chocolate in the summer.  I certainly hope that they can figure it out and not have it affect the taste or the integrity of chocolate. Yes, you can put it in the freezer, but melted chocolate just is not cool.

M&M's slogan, 'It melts in your mouth, not in your hand' is pretty fantastic and has amazing longevity.  I have personally had them melt in my hands before tho, so is it always true? No. Only if the outside shell is intact and doesnt have a hole in it, which sadly sometimes happens. Or, if you accidentally smash your M & M ... so it cracks... well, I'm just sayin', it could happen. IF YOU HOLD THEM LONG ENOUGH, The color even stains your skin! Maybe your hand is like, I wanna eat these things too, so ... let me digest it. Eventually.

So the deal with M & M's:  back in the 1930's Frank Mars came up with that idea for the M & M candy from soldiers in the war who were eating chocolate with a hard shell so it saved them from melting.

The candies were called smarties, and Mars went and obtained a patent in 1941. Check out this really super old video I found from way back in the days of Black and White TV. How the heck did people watch this primitive television stuff? Wow, but ... here you go:

Wow they have used that slogan forever, still to this day! Ok, M & M's really rock, but... most all chocolate rocks in my humble opinion.  So, I hope they figure it out, because, I sometimes dig a little variety.  Melted chocolate is messy, unless you put it on ice cream, which is fabulous....  Check out the specifics for this job they are looking to fill, but, sadly, I doubt there are many folks around here who would qualify, and besides that, it doesn't really sound too fun when you realize it isnt just like taste testing the chocolate. Oh well.  Even t