We hear about idiot criminals who accidentally pocket dial 911 from time to time . . . but here's a twist.

32-year-old Todd Weiss of Minnetonka, Minnesota and 38-year-old Justin Evans of Savage, Minnesota broke into a business in Maplewood, Minnesota early on April 1st.

And while they were in there, Todd accidentally pocket dialed 911.  The dispatcher heard the guys talking, but didn't think it was anything, so she hung up.

Which means Todd and Justin could've gotten away with their burglary, in spite of the pocket dial.  And they probably would've . . . if Todd hadn't managed to accidentally pocket dial 911 AGAIN.

This time, the dispatcher listened to the conversation . . . and figured out it was two guys robbing a place.

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So the cops headed out and arrested both of them for felony burglary.

(St. Paul Pioneer Press)