I will never NOT want to read quality Facebook Drama. A friend from north of Bemidji  (Nicole) sent this to me because she thought her message needed to be shared. She thinks she's right, what do you think?

NICOLE: So it's happened again. I've been invited to another "fake wedding." Let's have a history lesson. A "vow renewal" is not a wedding. You get one wedding per marriage. If you want to put on a nice dress and say a few nice words to your husband, great. But you are not a "bride." You don't get to have an "engagement party." You don't get a shower or bachelorette party. You don't to put on a wedding dress and veil. You don't have a bridal party. You don't throw the bouquet because it is NOT a wedding.

Calling it your "real wedding" because you made the choice to elope or go to the judge is an insult to the many people who marry that way and DO consider it their real wedding. Your wedding day is the day you get married. Putting on a wedding dress when you are already married doesn't make you a bride. It makes you a grown woman playing a very expensive game of dress up. This whole "wedding do over" trend is tacky.

TAREN: You get one wedding per marriage

KATIE: Never understood renewing vows when the point of them in the first place is that they're forever. Doesn't it devalue the vows? Can you take out stuff you didn't like the first time? "I know I originally said for richer or poorer, but I'm renewing my vows so I'ma just go with richer now. Kthxbye"

CLAUDIA: Maybe they didn't have the money to have the party they wanted and now they can, live and let live. This post is just Butthurt Becky

DANIELLE: Dang... who died and made you the mayor of wedding town? Pour a glass of pinot, or pumkin spice... whatever's your poison...and chillllll

LIBBIE: Then don't go! Why be a stupid ((poopy pants)) about it?

Yeah, I censored a word there at the end.

I'm not on Nicole's side on this. Technically? Maybe she's correct, but as big a word-snob as I am, I just can't find a care. I checked the whole bag, and the box next to it. No cares to give.

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