Can Your Kid Hear the Teacher?

Here in SE Minnesota, and around the nation, back-to-school time is filled with so many errands and must-do's, sometimes the hearing check is way down on the list, or even forgotten. Please, keep it up on the top of the list.

Rochester Public School Classroom - Photo by Rabe
Rochester Public School Classroom - Photo by Rabe

Why Test My Kid's Hearing? Can't I Tell If Something Is Wrong?

Sometimes parents can tell their child's hearing is not what they need for success in our traditional schools. A lot of the time, though, hearing deficits are thought to be inattention, laziness, and other stuff that comes to a parent's mind long before they think, "hearing trouble."

It's not dissimilar to eyesight in that way. Many parents don't find out their child or children need corrective lenses until they're in school and getting poor grades.

According to this story from the Mayo Clinic News Network, Dr. Kelly Conroy, a Mayo Clinic audiologist, says children with an undiagnosed hearing issue can face both academic and social struggles. Dr. Conroy says hearing tests in kindergarten and elementary school-aged children are really important.

"That’s when they’re really learning a lot of their language and speech skills. They’re also learning to get along socially with other children."

Why Would It Change if They Had Good Hearing When They Were Babies?

Mayo Clinic News Network
Mayo Clinic News Network

Good question! The truth is, little kids and adults often damage their hearing in the same way; loud noises. Headphones or earbuds turned up super loud for a good chunk of time each time (we love being surrounded and filled with the sound of what we're doing, right?) can cause a lot of permanent damage.

Dr. Conroy also says, "Besides noise, infections and other problems in the middle ear can lead to hearing loss. And hearing problems can run in families."

"Dr. Conroy says a hearing check should be a standard part of your student’s back-to-school routine because earlier detection can lead to earlier intervention in the case of a hearing problem." (Source)

Where Do I Get My Child's Hearing Checked?

Early Childhood Screening is free for 3 to 5-year-olds thru Rochester Public Schools. Just click here for the info. 

Personal Note about Hearing Loss

Everything. Everything the doctor says is so right on. I began to lose my hearing as an adult, and it really can cause social isolation (you get tired of not hearing things so you just stop trying and do other things). For me, an adult, it was a problem, but I'd already had the important lessons of childhood, so my experience wasn't one of being isolated in so many different ways.

With the deaf or hard of hearing children I've known, worked with, and mentored, not hearing in a hearing world can leave them without an understanding of their emotions, their needs, the way hearing society interacts, all that stuff. We pick up SO much about how our hearing world operates thru our ears and eyes.

The Rochester Public Schools DHH Program

Photo Credit: Denise Jacobson, RPS DHH Program, Mayo High School
Photo Credit: Denise Jacobson, RPS DHH Program, Mayo High School

Click play to hear students in (or just graduated from) the RPS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program at Mayo High School have fun on the air and talk about their experience in the program.


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