Remember your driver's test? You were 16, you were excited and super nervous? You were fine with the instructor, but now, you're in the car with the DMV tester and you are about to sweat thru your three layers! What went wrong? Did you run a stop sign? Hit the curb? Swear? Rev the engine constantly just to keep it running because you borrowed it from your older brother's friend Rob, who was cool but had zero car sense?

No matter how nervous you were, and how you screwed it up, a 17-year-old in Buffalo, MN says, "Here...hold my Mountain Dew."  Last Wednesday, around 2 PM, she got in the car with the instructor, they put on their seatbelts, she started the car up and put it in gear. The wrong gear. Instead of reverse, she put it in drive and drive straight into the DMV building!  As in, not just bumping it, but going thru the bricks and totaling the car!

How did you flunk your driver's test story? Here's what the Y-105FM listeners had to say...


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