I couldn't believe it when I read the Facebook post from the Minnesota State Patrol. How could someone go 96 mph and be on their phone at the same time?

All month long law enforcement in Minnesota is putting a crackdown on distracted driving, and nine days into it they find someone not thinking straight, going 96 mph while face timing her friend.

Check out the post from the Minnesota State Patrol yourself:

That is selfish behavior from that individual. Just as the State Patrol says, drive time is for driving. Not checking emails, not texting or face timing. Pay attention to the road.

Her reaction of "giggling" while the Trooper explained why what she was doing was dangerous is atrocious. Apparently picking up her friend safely was not in the cards that day. I am hoping this person learns something from it, and finds a way to remain safe on the road for her and others that are driving.

Highway 169 is a busy road, as it travels right from Mankato to the Twin Cities. Take your time. Pay attention. Put your stikin' phone away.

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