As we ease on into Mother's Day weekend, (YES - we get to claim the whole weekend in the 21st century!) I was entertained to find a list of frequent 'Mom-isms' that people remember their moms said to them.  Check out the top three:

  1. "Because I said so"
  2. "Don't worry; everything will be ok" 
  3. "You'll always be my baby"

I'd be willing to go a step further and say the list of 'mom-isms your mom used to say that you now use on YOUR kids' would be pretty close to the same list!  It may be fair to say that some days the ONLY reason I enjoy being a parent is because I get to re-use "because I said so" whenever I want. It's like the Excaliber of all mom-isms.

When I was a kid, the other mom-ism that drove me crazy was "it's the principle of the matter."  If you think it's hard to argue "because I said so" just try going up against "it's the principle of the matter."  It still makes me mad today to remember how upset I got over that one.  You can imagine then, how horrified I was when I used "it's the principle of the matter" on my kid not too long ago...

What was your mom's favorite mom-ism?

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