Yesterday, a school bus rear-ended a car, ending up with one injury, the 88-year-old woman in the car. The lone student on the bus was fine, and how she told her mom, Jill Setterlund Lindquist, about the accident is, well, awesome!

Here's the news story from our sister station, KROC-AM...

Police Captain John Sherwin says it was reported shortly after 2 o’clock at the intersection of Bamber Valley Road and Salem Road.

An 82-year-old woman was driving a car that was rear-ended by the bus. Sherwin says she was transported to St. Mary’s Hospital with what appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries. There were three people on the bus, but none of them were hurt.

The collision and emergency response to the crash caused a significant disruption to traffic in the area north of Bamber Valley Elementary School.


I drove by the accident and grabbed a couple quick photos, and with all the ambulances and police cruisers there, I was worried it was way more serious than it turned out to be.

But, when a school bus is in an accident, you don't mess around. You get out there and be glad you have more help than you need. And in this case, the kid on the school bus was so fierce that she barely seemed to care it had happened.

Check out the video to hear the mom's whole story. It'll make you smile all day long.

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