Up in Duluth, MN, there's a company that is known worldwide, even though it only has one store, and that's in Duluth. It isn't a recent thing, they've been famous since long before the internet machine and social media. And Monday, they'll be even MORE famous.

It's cool a Minnesota company is being featured, especially one so many of us know. When should you watch specifically? According to our sister station in Duluth, Duluth Pack'll be featured during the 4th segment.

Full Disclosure - One of my all-time favorite gifts is a Duluth Pack bag. It isn't made to hold a laptop, but it does like a dream and has seen me and my files, games, and all sorts of stuff across the nation in all kinds of weather, with all kinds of abuse. And...it still looks brand new (except for the glitter that was spilled into it when I was doing crafts at a retirement home...and that stuff will. Not. Go. Away.).

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