Mother's Day is almost here, which means it's time to inform the world how awesome your mom is.

It's no longer enough to simply to tell the woman who gave birth to you how much she means to you. No, in today's 24/7 instant gratification world, we have to share that sense of love with everyone in our online life, who, let's face it, may be more able to give us a better sense of psychological of well-being than our moms ever could, what with all the "likes" they bestow on us.

That's the gist of this video, in which we're reminded that it's important to fill your social media feeds with photos and updates of how much you love your mom "because nothing's a better gift than letting everyone know."

Sure, your mom may drive you crazy asking to follow you on Twitter or playing with your Snapchat and you may snap at her in much the same way you did when you were 12 when she couldn't take you to the mall, but, you know what? You need to let the world know you two have the best mother-child relationship this side of Kim and North.

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