It's been a Rochester favorite since 1963, has grown a lot over the years, and and the pizza place your family loves is making some big changes again! Mr. Pizza South is brightening up the place with more windows! I love the place, but there are some spots where you would be eating pizza, but can't see outside. That's all changed. Spring is here and the sun'll just come pouring in.


  • Mr. Pizza started over where Bicycle Sports and Nature's Best Dry Cleaners are, near Daube's and Perkins, right across from the Barlow Hy-Vee (or as I call it, the B-Hyv).
  • Mr. Pizza's building was originally a Tastee-Freeze (the closest TF is in Gackle, ND! I didn't even know there WAS a Gackle, ND!)
  • They've been on South Broadway since 1971.
  • For the first eight years, the customers had to go thru the kitchen to use the bathroom.
  • Roger Fulton and his brother Mark Fulton)bought the business in 1978. Ryan Fulton is the current owner, that's three generations with one owner.
  • According to Ryan, the kid favorite is the basic pepperoni or sausage pizza and their garlic toast with cheese.
  • How much cheese, sauce, and dough do they go thru in a year? All of it.
  • Customers tell Ryan stories about when Mark's grandfather ran the place.

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