Once again, we've teamed up with Sylvan Learning of Rochester to recognize and reward great teachers! This time, we visited Century High School to celebrate Mrs. T.S.!

Gretchen Gosh said so many wonderful things about Mrs. T.S. (short for Natasa Tunkjic-Stjepanovic, but this sums it up so well!


...Mrs. T-S makes each student feel welcome and comfortable (and) has been not only an educator but a caregiver to her students, who she treats as if they were her own. She has been a leader in many emergency medical situations. She goes above and beyond to ensure her students are healthy so they can be academically successful.


Do you know a great teacher with an awesome classroom? Tell us about them! If they're selected they'll get a $50 Target gift card from Sylvan Learning of Rochester, and be in the running for a $500 Target gift card from Sylvan Learning. Plus the kids get a treat from Reichel Foods!