Five years ago, I went on a most excellent adventure. Life has never been the same since!

Life was pretty quiet in "Bag-End".

Cathy and Dave

And then we decided to have a family! I don't want to make a bog deal out of how we came to the decision to adopt, or that it was a long and rocky road to connecting with our son, Justin - but cancer sucks; and seven years is a long time!

The First Picture I took of my son.

Anyway, we first met our boy January 3rd, 2011. Nine months later, September 11th, we were getting on a plane to bring him home forever.

Here we are with our Facilitator, Vicktor and social worker Natasha

It's been five years since Justin and I got on the plane in Kiev for a nineteen-hour flight, with a stopover in Amsterdam, and a really long line through customs at the international gate at MSP. It's not easy flying with a child that doesn't speak English.

Justin spent the seventeen-hour flight from Amsterdam to MSP trying to find a movie to watch. We kept disagreeing over the appropriateness for a ten-year-old of The Hangover Part II... I said no and he curled up in a ball in his seat under his blanket. Two hours out of The Cities, he finally decided to watch Spongebob.

Eight weeks in Kiev was an adventure. But three teenagers is an adventure every day!

Talk about an adrenaline rush! Every day brings some new and exciting challenge.

From the Bergchives

October 23rd. December 7th (Ethan). May 30th (Bella). A lot of dates to remember on top of birthdays and other anniversaries. It's a lot to keep track of, but still worth remembering.

He was small enough to carry on my back!