I admit that home decorating isn't my strong suit.  It's just something that I've never been able to get the hang of.  Whereas some women might keep their eye on magazines, or mannequins for hints on what to wear, I study Better Homes and Gardens for ideas on how to mix decorative pillows for the sofa.

So maybe I could mix it up a bit more often when it comes to decorating the wall.

A few weeks ago I noticed that a family portrait hanging in the hallway had taken a noticeable turn.  Or maybe not so noticeable.  It turns out our daughter had Nixon-ized our nearly decade old family photo in the summer and no one noticed.

First of all, I was couldn't believe she stuck with the idea long enough to search out Nixon faces, size them, print them and put it together.  More impressive is the fact that she kept it a secret for WEEKS!

Against the advice of most home decor specialists, I decided to leave it as is.